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Starbucks My Classroom E-mail To Colleagues

Starbucks My Classroom e-mail To Colleagues

Hi Friends,

In the spirit of helping everyone who is thinking or already decided to Starbucks their classroom I am sharing the copy/paste of an email I wrote to my school colleagues today to ask for support with the Starbucks My Room Project. I hope you find it helpful! Use, lose, or abuse as my physics teaching colleague Lee Wignall says.

Hi everyone,

I know it's the end of the year and I should just sit down, shut up, and chill, but I can't. And I need your help. I am rearranging my room to create an environment that promotes the 4 Cs. I got the idea from an edutopia article written by Kayla Delzer (a teacher from ND) "Flexible Seating and Student-Centered Classroom Redesign" . I also blogged about it: and Basically, my classroom will look like a swanky cafe next year.

Anyway, my goal is to spend $0 of my own money, which means I have to be creative, think critically, collaborate, and communicate.

All I'm asking is this:

1. If you are getting rid of used, but suitable furniture (no strange smells etc.) such as coffee tables, chairs, couches, futons, bean bags, rugs, picture frames, armchairs etc. please think of donating (I think it's a write-off as we are non-profit).

2. If you know someone who is updating or have any other leads please let me know as well.

3. If you have anything you think might be suitable in your classroom and you don't want it let me know.

Thanks a lot- back to thoughts of beach, sunshine, and margaritas,

Oskar Cymerman