I blog on Brain-Based Learning, Metacognition, EdTech, and Social-Emotional Learning. I am the author of the Crush School Series of Books, which help students understand how their brains process information and learn. I also wrote The Power of Three: How to Simplify Your Life to Amplify Your Personal and Professional Success, but be warned that it's meant for adults who want to thrive and are comfortable with four letter words.

Metacognition: The Most Effective Learning Strategy (Teach And Develop It In Students)

Metacognition involves thinking about your thinking. Metacognition with self regulation and timely feedback are the 2 most powerful and effective learning strategies. Metacognition is the way to becoming a lifelong learner. Understanding how your mind processes and learns and leveraging this understanding to acquire new knowledge and skills turns average into awesome.

Be awesome!

Teach students to be awesome!

Teach and develop metacognition in students.

Here's the What, Why, and How:

Teach and Develop Metacognition in Students

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"Crush School" eBook by Oskar Cymerman - $9.99 on Amazon

"Crush School" eBook by Oskar Cymerman - $9.99 on Amazon