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8 Habits & 9 Exercises That Grow Creativity

Creative tell your brain you are and creative you will be
— Yoda


This might be my 6th post on creativity and guess what? It's different than the previous 6. 

It's more specific. It's more actionable. It's about not just realizing and accepting that you are creative but also growing your creativity.

It's about developing creativity habits and exercising creativity.

Check it out.

8 Habits & 9 Exercises That Grow Creativity

Ready? Set. Grow. Your. Creativity

And teach your teens and preteens and grammar schoolers, and kindergartners, and preschoolers, and toddlers too.

Teach them all. Their future depends on how creative they become. Help them become.

You have the power to change lives. Use if often so they can change the world.


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