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How To Listen To Learn And Learn To Listen (Infographic)


Listening, not just hearing but really listening is a skill many students need help with. Some are naturals at it. Others might be bad at it. Truth is many were never taught how to listen effectively. The listening skill affects success in school, work, and relationships. Parents should promote it. Teachers should teach it. 

There are many effective listening resources out there but I recently heard the Kwik Brain Podcast on listening and Jim made it simple. In a nutshell, the key to good listening is to listen with more than your ears. Check out more information on this in the infographic below and then use it to help teens (and adults too) become better listeners. Enjoy!

How To Listen To Learn And Learn To Listen Infographic

I hope you found the infographic above useful and you choose to show it to your students. Thanks for checking it out!

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