I blog on Brain-Based Learning, Metacognition, EdTech, and Social-Emotional Learning. I am the author of the Crush School Series of Books, which help students understand how their brains process information and learn. I also wrote The Power of Three: How to Simplify Your Life to Amplify Your Personal and Professional Success, but be warned that it's meant for adults who want to thrive and are comfortable with four letter words.

Crush School 2: 10 Study Secrets Every High Schooler Should Know is a follow up to my first book Crush School: Every Student's Guide To Killing It In The Classroom. It's a 42 page book any student can put in their backpack or purse and use whenever he or she needs a study tip or a way to do school better. Here's the synopsis:

If you have the right skills, you can figure out how to make soap or meth, build a website or a car, or code the next Snapchat or Pokemon GO.

Even if you’re not interested in any of the things just mentioned, wouldn’t it be cool to know that you could if you wanted to?

That’s what this book is about; gaining the skills and the confidence that will help you say I can do it, no matter what it is. This is what the future will require.

If school sucks for you, just focus on learning, because you will need mad skills to survive in the urban jungle that awaits when you’re out.

In Crush School 2: 10 Study Secrets Every High Schooler Should Know, I explain that to be successful now and in the future, students need to focus on building skills, not learning subjects, because if you have skills, you can learn anything. I also lay out a detailed plan of how to get those skills.

Who is this book for?

STUDENTS: Learn how to learn anything effectively and be successful now and in the future.

PARENTS: Help your children avoid frustration and prevent procrastination by giving them a better way to study and learn.

TEACHERS & SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: Give students a tool and a blueprint to follow so they can become lifelong learners.