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Brain Hacking 203: Hack Your Mental Library

By Oskar Cymerman   |   @focus2achieve

We make sense out of the world around us by forming connections in our brains. These connections tie pieces of information together and form chunks. The more chunks we have, the easier it is for our neurons to form new connections, which leads to formation of even more chunks and a bigger "mental library." The bigger the mental library we form, the better we can solve problems, and the more intuitive, creative, and innovative we become.

The focus of education therefore, should be on helping learners form vast mental libraries that contain well developed information and skill chunks that network together and manifest themselves as skills necessary for school and professional success.

Much of the information I share below is inspired by what I learned from a Massive Online Open Course or MOOC through Coursera and University of California, San Diego named "Learning How To Learn" developed by Dr. Barbara Oakley. I strongly encourage you to watch her TEDx Oakland University Talk on "Learning How To Learn." In my infographics, I combine what I learn with personal experience as a middle school and high school teacher to make K-12 learning accessible to all students.

Below lies Infographic #5 in the BRAIN-BASED LEARNING HACKS series I've embarked upon a few weeks ago with Infographic #1 about the science of sleep and learning. Each of the five infographics is fact and research-based and intended to be a resource for educators and students. If you are an administartor, please SHARE THEM WITH THE OTHER EDUCATORS in your building/district. If you are a teacher, SHARE THEM WITH YOUR STUDENTS.

Chunk Library Infographic

Chunk Library Infographic

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