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Crush That Test with 12 Yeses and 4 Tips

By Oskar Cymerman | @focus2achieve | BAm! Radio Network EdWords Blogger

"Test" is a loaded word. Plenty of Ed folk out there start hyperventilating hearing the word alone. Put STD in front of "Test" and some educators will roundhouse kick you Chuck Norris style.

Had my arm twisted to proctor a few Standardized Tests this year, uhm... every year. Good times...

STD Ts are a drag. So are STDs, but that's a story no one wants to hear.

"Grades" - that's another hot topic. Keep them? Kick them? I have my preferences. So do you.

Regardless, tests and grades pervade education. They'll be here a while. Good, bad, or ugly we gotta deal with them. Tests get grades. Grades get diplomas. Diplomas get jobs.

But first we gotta get tests. And then crush them.

Help students crush tests.

Here's how:

Crush That Test

Here's the Crush That Test Checklist PDF style for your printing pleasures.

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2. Coursera Learning How To Learn MOOC by Barbara Oakley PhD & Terrence Sejnowski PhD.