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Could This Be The Future?

Resumes are full of words. Black ink on crisp white paper. Sterile. Unimaginative. Boring. Dull.

I do not envy recruiters, interviewers, and human resources professionals tediously paging through and reviewing stacks of resumes they receive for each job they are responsible for filling. Black ink. White paper. Lots and lots of black ink on white paper. It must be similar to reading a really boring book. A literary purgatory...

How many decision makers read everything on every resume they receive? Those that do, bless your heart. I admire you. I don't want your job. I don't have the patience...

What if there was a way out? An escape from the mundane? A break in the pattern of doom? The light at the end of the tunnel?

Could this be it?

Oskar Cymerman Resume Skills Qualifications CV

Here's how I see it:

  • It contains all the pertinent information.
  • It's a 1-pager.
  • It's brief and to the point. No fluff.
  • It's visually appealing.
  • It can be reviewed in a minute or two.
  • It contains pictures.
  • It's visual and vision trumps all other senses.
  • It includes a QR Code that can be scanned if more information is desired.
  • It can be printed in color or grayscale, shared digitally, or displayed online.
  • It stands out. It says: I dare to be different. I'm creative. I'm worth a closer look.

I have wanted to create what I call the 21st Century Resume (CV, calling card whatever) for myself for a while. Now I did. I want to make a few more. One will include a head to toes pic in a suit. I might wear a cape in another describing my superpowers.

I promise you this though. I love my job, but if I ever decide to seek new employment, the above is the resume my prospective employer receives.

I figure the one that calls me for the interview sees the world with a fresh set of eyes. And that's precisely the point. That's where I want to be.

And I want to encourage you to dare to be different. To disrupt the status quo. To diverge from the mundane.

Empower your students to dare to be different. Fill them with the confidence and skills to create. Show them the way and they will innovate.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my 21st Century Resume idea. Does it have legs? Or is it just another crazy idea conjured up by my twisted mind? Leave me a comment and we'll learn together. And, if you like crazy cool ideas Sign Up for My Newsletter and I'll keep you entertained forever (or at least until they pull the plug :).

You have the power to change the world. Use it often.