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Powerful And Easy Way To Teach Kids (and Adults) To Focus [FREE Infographic]


I think I'll just start each post that includes a free Infographic Poster this way from now on.


I am excited to have created a new resource we all can use to help kids focus. And let's be real. Many adults, myself included, lose focus from time to time (that's a vague way of saying often). As we're not robots, we all need a reminder from time to time (same as above :).

Working with teens for 180 days each year for the last 14, I noticed that many flat out don't know how to focus, need help with focus, or simply lack focus. The reasons why kids might have a hard time focusing are many; lack of sleep, lack of movement, a surge of emotions, mental health etc. They are all valid.

The infographic below is about achieving deep work and insane productivity in the moment. It is to be used during those home or classroom moments when your kids have a hard time getting going on a task or project. It is a system anyone can use to achieve laser focus and to get things done. And, I plan on putting it up and using it often with my high school students this year.

Check it out.

focus to achieve insane productivity and deep work infographic

The beautiful part about the 3 step focus strategy above is that it can be adopted for children of all ages and walks of life. If 25 minutes is too long, adjust the pomodoro to 10, 15, or 20 minute chunks. You might also have to model how to be specific or how to make an effective plan. Too many steps overwhelm. Keep it simple.

And, don't forget to use it yourself when you just can't seem to stop procrastinating.

Nah. Adults never do that!

You have the power to change the world. Use it often.

PS. These are the sorts of strategies I talk about in my Crush School Book Series. I just added 5 bundles (that's all I have on hand) of Crush School 1 and 2 in Paperback to my store for $20, which is 25% off the Amazon price. For the price of 2 burritos and a pop at Chipotle, you can grab them HERE, and if you do I will sign them for you as well. And don't forget to grab the Focus Infographic PDF HERE, so you can print and hang it up.


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