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How to Read 50% Faster [Free Lesson for Teens]

How fast do you read?

read faster

read faster




Chances are you never measured your reading speed. Experts say we read 200-250 words per minute on average. But whatever your reading speed is you probably learned to read at the speed you read at now before you entered middle school.

Unless you intentionally tried to increase your reading speed in between then and now, it hasn't changed since you were a pre-teen.

Typically, we get instructed on how to read in elementary school, and once we're fluent and most of us can go through a reading without major stumbles, it is deemed that we know how to read.

And we do.

But guess what? You can read much faster.

All you have to do is know how to train. And fear not - this does not involve some sketchy skimming (and not understanding or remembering anything) tactics.

Don't believe me?


Pick up a book you're currently reading and a timer. Read it for 60 seconds. Count the number of lines you read. Write it down.

Now, start where you left off. This time, read faster.

It sounds really weird, I know. Trust me. Start the timer and read at a pace that is faster than your usual pace. Make yourself read faster! Do it! 

Now, count the number of lines you read. Write it down.

If you did this without the skepticism I sometimes get from students I do this presentation with, you read faster. What happened is that you just realized that you always read slower than you're capable of.

The title says 50% faster but it's an underestimation. I did not want to overpromise. I wanted to overdeliver. 

From experience, I know there were several readers out there who read 50% faster than normal just now with the same or better comprehension and memory. 

You see, the human brain is capable of processing information at a much higher rate than most of us feed it at when reading. In fact, when we read faster we tend to focus and engage more, which improves comprehension and memory.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, to make sure you keep reading at your new, faster pace, you must do it every time you read until you internalize it. For some, it will become a habit in 2 weeks, while it will take more like 2 months for others.

Reading just 50% faster will allow you to read 3 books in the same amount of time it took you to read 2 before.

But you can do better. Much better.

Just do the lesson I developed for my new book Crush School Student Guide: Learn Faster, Study Smarter, Remember More, and Make School Easier.

It involves using a visual pacer, which is a fairly basic speed-reading technique.

But it works.

Here's Read Faster #1.

There are 2 more lessons on fast reading in the book.

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