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Quick Tutorial on Delivering Killer Presentations

The ability to deliver engaging, effective, and energizing presentations is a highly desired skill employers look for. These days, it is hard to find a job that does not depend on communication. In fact, as businesses use more technology, digital tools aided with effective presentation skills will be even more in-demand. Thus, it is important to teach effective presentation and communication skills in schools.

However, many teens leave high school unaware of how to deliver engaging and effective speeches, slide show presentations, or other multimedia demonstrations. This is perhaps best evidenced by the fact that many adults, myself included, can look at the graphic below and find a few things in it that will help them communicate better and deliver killer presentations.  

Delivering Killer Presentations Tutorial

I use the infographic above in my new book Crush School Student Guide: Learn Faster, Study Smarter, Remember More, and Make School Easier to help teach teens how to deliver presentations. It follows creating and practicing for killer presentations. The lessons also contain an outline template students can fill out to create their presentations. 

I believe the skill of presenting should be learned and practiced many times before teens become adults. This will allow them to not only master the skill but to feel confident and be more effective while delivering presentations as professionals.

The book that can help them with this and many other skills is now available on Amazon for $29.95. Click here, look inside, and see if it is for you.

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