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How to Reawaken Curiosity (or Remain Curious Forever) - Infographic

Curiosity killed the cat, but where human beings are concerned, the only thing a healthy curiosity can kill is ignorance.
— Harry Lorayne

Just as a plant dries out without water the human mind withers when deprived of curiosity. An individual's growth halts and a society's progress stops. We've seen this before. Too fragmented by conflicts, too busy fighting, and too distracted by the prospect of death led to 1000 years of intellectual darkness, the Dark Ages in Europe of the past. 

Who knows what might have happened if curiosity wasn't thwarted by the circumstances then? Maybe the knights of the round table would have been deliberating how much tax to levy using their EM-powered tablets and diseases of today would be non-existent. We would not have to worry about Obama or Trump Care because we'd live to be 125 and be lucid enough to prevent the creation of systems that prey on people's fears and shortcomings. 

But jokes and what-ifs aside, it's the right kind of curiosity (or rather the right blend of two different curiosities) that leads to a better people and a better world. Because I'm pretty sure the cat died as a result of having too much diversive and not enough epistemic curiosity.

What are diversive and epistemic curiosities might you ask? Check out the infographic below!

Reawakening and Cultivating Curiosity

I hope you enjoyed the second post in my Curiosity Series. Check out the previous one: How to Cultivate Curiosity and Stop Stupidity here. But most importantly: Please use the tips and strategies I collected here to help our kids retain or reawaken their innate and relentless curiosity. Their lives depend on it. 

You have the power to change lives. Use if often so they can change the world.


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