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High School Hallway Chatter aka Good Times at High School High

by Hollie Radanke

Choir Practice: High School Chatter

When you have your classroom door open, you are opening up a world of chatter that you may not understand during day.   Like the other day two girls were walking very slowly past my door and all I heard was “Seriously?  Serrriiioussly!!  No but seriously?  SERIOUSLY! Seriously?”  - that must have been a serious situation.  


“I swear to god, if I die I am going to be so angry”   — umm… huh?  


“Having him swear at people is the highlight of my day!”  — I am hoping this isn’t a teacher, but I would understand if it were. :)  


“I don’t know she is not answering our group chat.  Probably because she is in a good person in school and has her phone put away.”  

It can also happen in class, especially when you are in a computer lab…. This one however scared me for a second.  

“Oh my god – that is soooo sexy.  YES!  How sexy is that!?!   Sex-y!” 

Don’t worry, he was looking up a used car (which was his assignment)….  Your mind went to the gutter didn’t it!?!  :)  

Happy Hour chatter can be as interesting…. Lets see what we can hear today while enjoying the atmosphere at The Tap Room (or wherever it is you go)!