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Dear Father Time

By Hollie Radanke

Father Time

Father Time


I thought I would write you a quick letter, nothing major just a small request. I am sure you have heard about me from Mother Nature. She and I don't always get along but lately she has been nothing but sweet. I do however have a tiny request for you.  

Time seems to be going awfully slow this week. Like this week felt like it took three weeks to finish. Yes I know that doesn't sound right, but you understand what I am saying. Could you maybe speed it up a bit. A three day weekend is staring us in the face and quite frankly the staff here at WHS needs the break. Do you know how many times I need to say "Okay kids, put away the phones- you won’t die if you can’t check Twitter!" Seriously – its a problem.

Anyways, the second part of my request is that while you speed up time to get us to break please slow your roll once we are on break. That would be grreeaat Father Time. :) If you'd like to discuss a game plan with some thirsty staff members please feel free to stop by OMalleys (or wherever your bunch goes ;) today after school. Keep it real! Sincerely,

Anita Nap

P.S. Oh, and tell Mother Nature a snow day wouldn’t be the worst thing ever! :)