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104 Creativity & Imagination Stimulating Questions

Creativity Is Strong With This One
— Darth Vader


What is the shape of water??? 

Does water even have a shape?

Because if it takes the shape of the container it lands in... does that even count?

Or do we look at the shape of its molecule and call water bent?

The answers are many but let's not get bent out of shape about it. The point is you want to come up with as many answers as possible. That's what makes you more creative. Creative answers. Lots of them.

Of course, the more creative the questions the more creative the answers. It's good to have a list you can go off of. But it's better to have an infographic because your brain likes visuals better. 

Don't believe? Take a peek, enjoy, and get creative!

104 Creativity & Imagination Questions

But don't just stop at you. Help others be and become more creative by using the above or other similar questions to tickle their imagination.

Especially kids... they are so creative! Foster this creativity.

Expand their minds with real and absurd questions. Listen to their revelations. Watch their growing imaginations. 

Because you have the power to change lives. Use it often so they can change the world.

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