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Brain Hacking 402: Emotional Intelligence

Unless you're a former lobotomy victim emotions affect everything you do and are present everywhere in your life. And that's a good thing! Emotions help us understand the universe, play a key part in our decision-making, and are crucial in our relationships.

If you're an educator or a parent you observe daily the power emotions have in the lives of children: They can absolutely lift them and motivate greatness or completely overwhelm them and wreak havoc.

There is a delicate balance between our "rational" brain and our "emotional" brain: Not enough emotion and you're basically a robot, too much and you're that weird crazy person everyone talks about behind their back and is at least slightly scared of.

So what do we do to help kids use just the right amount appropriate to the situation they find themselves in? Teach them to regulate. How? We boost their EQ. EQ? Yes EQ. Just look below...

Emotional Intelligence Infographic

Emotional Intelligence Infographic

This infographic was inspired by Daniel Goleman's bestseller "Emotional Intelligence." It is important to note that the author discusses studies that show strong evidence of teen delinquency being caused by impulsive behavior. Many, if not all communities, include individuals who have difficulty self-regulating. EQ can help solve that problem. It should be taught at home. It MUST be taught at school.

Thank you for reading! I hope you find the information in the above infographic useful. You can access the other Brain-Based Learning infographics I created by scrolling down my ED!Blog. Please share it with other educators, parents, and learners. I will feature additional Brain-Based Learning Infographics in my future NEWSLETTERS, so please SIGN UP if you would like to receive more tips and strategies that work in helping students become better learners.

And Remember: You Have the Power to Change the World. Use it often.

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